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      Sales Hotline:138-0151-2151

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      Electronic component vibration plate
      Wuxi Chuangfeng Vibration Plate Equipment Factory specializes in automation equipment, vibration plate R & D and production enterprises, the company main products include: automatic feeding vibration plate, automatic feed hopper, feeder lines, electronic control, vibration platform, vertical vibration devices, automatic counting systems, packaging products, non-standard, automatic, semi-automatic equipment modification and design. We also import and domestic vibration plate contract maintenance business.

      Sales hotline:
      138-0151-2151 Mr. zhou

      Product Details

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      Add:No. 1,Dongsheng Road, New Century Industrial Park,Zhaqiao,Anzhen,Xishan District,Wuxi
      Sales hotline:138-0151-2151 Mr. Zhou
      Record number:蘇ICP備10112407號

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